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Armor 8 is a unique self applied nano technology coating that decompose bacteria, odour and mold up for up to 30 days through photocatalytic process.

General Edition

Suitable use at home or office.
Available in 3 sizes: 60ml, 150ml and 250ml.

Japanese Technology

Last tested proven ANTIVIRUS
Proven eliminates 99.99% Human Coronavirus & H1N1
Thailand FDA approved
Protection last up to 30 days


About Armor 8

Armor 8 is powered by Smarcoat, one of the leading manufacturers and service providers of Titanium Dioxide.

Armor 8 is driven by design thinking and a deep commitment to preserving the human touch. It is on a relentless mission to design, manufacture and market a diverse range of products, services and solutions for the hygiene conscious.

Armor 8 is a unique formulation that deodorises, sanitises and eliminates germs, bacterias and viruses.

Core Values

Creating Sustainable Value
Developing Creative Solutions
Ensuring Consumer Confidence


General Editions

It can be use at anywhere such as home, office, playground, car & etc.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 60ml – up to 160 sprays
  • 150ml – up to 400 sprays
  • 250ml – up to 700 sprays

Kids Spray

It was inspired to help to fight or prevent infectious diseases. It is good to protect kids from bacterias and viruses in a short period of time.

Only have one size:

  • 150ml – up to 500 sprays

Pocket Series

Family Editions

For toys & kid belongings

Only have one size:

  • 60ml – up to 160 sprays

Active Editions

For sports & daily equipments

Only have one size:

  • 60ml – up to 160 sprays

Travel Editions

For travel items, digital gadgets, arm rest & etc

Only have one size:

  • 60ml – up to 160 sprays

How to Use

You can spray it on any surface you wish tosterilise! Germs are everywhere: at home, in the office, restaurant, even in your car.
They can cause illnesss from a common cold to a potentially life-theatening infection.

Step 1

Clean item surface & lets dry

Step 2

Applied Armor 8 on item surface with 2 feets away

Step 3

Let it dry, Armor 8 decomposing harmful bacteria & organic matter with light source.


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